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+++What is the use for brooches? ? The brooch can be decorated with decorative clothing to make your clothes look more beautiful and make you more attractive. +++What are the brooches? ? Method 1: Doing collar buttons: This unique style of wear breaks the dreary shirt and is ideal for white-collar women who often wear shirts. Method 2: Do Belt Buckle: If you want to highlight your waist line and attract people's attention, wear a brooch and make it a belt buckle, a special way to modify your waist line! Method 3: Make Scarf Buckles: Scarves and brooches are the best partners in spring and summer, and scarfs on the neck are dotted with different styles of brooches. Monotonous scarves have added many retro charms. Method 4: Makeover coat: If the coat is too monotonous, what you need most is a variety of brooch! You can put them wherever you want to decorate, you can change them at any time, make it the only unique coat! Method 5: Decorate your bag: You can decorate a cute brooch outside your favorite canvas bag so that your bag will become more lovely and unique. (It is not recommended to use Leather bag. After all, it will leave a mark. It won't be wiped off when the brooch passes through.) Method 6: Decorative Hat: In addition to bags and coats, we can also put brooch on the hat. Whether they are wool hats or wide-brimmed hats, they will all become glittering hats that will surely become the focus of everyone. +++Does the brooches hurt the skin when worn? ? Will not harm the skin. When designing this brooch, we designed the buckle specifically. +++ Design Features: Adopt advanced electroplating technology, hand-painted color, durable color retention is not easy to fade, use high-quality crystal, brooches and needles with yoke lock design, can better fix the brooch, do not fade, do not hurt your skin Packing: 1 * 1 PCS brooch

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