Baby Safety Closet Lock To protect the Safety of Baby / Drawer Lock Child Safety Lock

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In the modern home furniture doors and drawers are easy to open and close, children playing, and not be easy to handle grip, damage the product affixed, adults can be easily opened, the child is not easy to open, effectively prevent the occurrence of injury in children, this product can be pasted on the refrigerator, can effectively prevent children open the refrigerator, can also lock the toilet lid, open the toilet to prevent children playing, prevent children from playing naughty door and injured finger, can also be used to prevent the naughty children, open the box and drinking or eating, to prevent children caused by crush switch cabinets, cabinets or cabinets removed from the mess of dangerous goods.

Caution: clean the cabinet door when it's dirty. After the surface is installed, it is necessary to loosen the safety bar in the middle, then fix the safety bar 24 hours later, so that it will be more firmly fixed, remove the warm water and wash it easily, and do not use the hand to tear it.

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