Quick Charger 30000mAh Travel Waterproof Solar Power Bank Dual USB Portable Sun Phone Charger Powerbank For Smartphone

Save 32%
Package content:
1* Power bank
1* Power bank bag
1* Diamond dust plug
1* Gift Boxes
8in1 USB charging cable

1. As long as there is sunshine. It is environmental and energy saved.
2. We use the high quality shockproof ABS & silicon to make the protective shell, dropped from the 1.5m and still in good condition.
3. With 30000mah power capacity, it totally meets your daily needs.
4. We use the imported original battery cell, it is more durable and have long using life.
5. With two standard USB outputs, can be charger two phones togerther and save lots of time.
6. With four LED power indicators, no matter it is charging the iphones or charge, the power indicators will remaind you the power of the battery charger.
7. With power on/off switch, it can protectes your phone from over-current, and also save energy.
8. Unique, it is with personal mode, absolutely unique.
9. Support both electricity and solar charging
10. Large capacity, portable size
11. High quality Polymer lithium ion battery battery , long life and safe
12. Widely compatible with iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Samsung, PSP, Digital camera, DV, MP3, MP4, etc.
13. Protection for over-charge, over- discharge, over-load and short-circuit

Note:Dust plug colors are randomly sent

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