Wireless Charger Receiver for Micro USB Charging Adapter Receptor Universal Wireless Charger Receiver Module

QI wireless charger receiver module
Fashion and ultrathin
Resilient supports 500 times bending test
With good charging stability and compatibility

1. It requires the QI standard charging sender pad to work together to make charging.
2. The phone should be put on the charging sender correctly when charging, otherwise it may fail to charge or charge in low efficiency.
3. It's normal that the pat and your phone get warm when charging.
4. Easy to operate: take off your phone's back cover -- stick the receiver pad to the phone's battery -- close the back cover -- place the mobile phone onto the wirless charging pad (not included).

1. The wireless charging receiver is not equip wth wireless charger
2. If the interface of your phone is Micro-USB, please check it is Type-A or Type-B
3. When you pulled out the receiver, please use the thumb and forefinger pull the metal connector out, do not drag the receiver directly

Packing included:1x Wireless Charger Receiver (wirless charging pad not included)

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