Full Coverage Flawless Cream Concealer Makeup Silky Smooth Texture

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Normal Full Size as a Concealer \
Note: Travel-Friendly.
Net wt.: 6g/0.2oz.
Rather a big volume as a concealer.
As for foundation, just a normal travel size.
Size: 4.7cm/1.85inch* 4.7cm/1.85inch
Can be a foundation, full coverage, also as a concealer, highlight, shadow etc. These is rather like travel size as a foundation purpose, please note that. just rest assure about the quality. 20# Highlight color, foundation for light skin tone or highlighter for all skin tone. 30# Light natural, concealer or foundation for cool to warm skin tone. 40# Natural color, concealer or foundation for warm skin tone. 52# Warm Natural, concealer, foundation for medium warm skin tone or face shadow for all skin tone. About the size: Net. Wt.:3g/0.1oz, no doubt a sample as foundation. As concealer or contouring cream, it's normal volume comparing with most other products, except packed in compact and need to be applied by brush or blender. Worth a try for some reasons. Just skip it if concerning much about the size.❤❤
—Delicate, adhesive and ventilating, smooth-to-apply, easy-to-blend, emollient-based foundation formulated to provide opaque coverage.
—Full Coverage Foundation can cover most scars, blemishes, and birthmarks. Give you a natural flawless looks.
—Water-resistant and long-wearing , effectively balance the oil secretion;
—This easy-to-blend cream cake formulation is available in a wide range of colours. Coverage can range from sheer to opaque.
—Suitable for all skin types Usage: take appropriate amount of foundation on cheeks and forehead, then push with your finger pulp from inside to outside along to the skin texture. Don’t forget the undiscovered spot, such as eye socket, nasolabial groove etc, just gently press.

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