Silica Gel Teeth Tool Gadet Dental Equipment Kit System Teeth Shade Guide Tooth Whitening Dental Tray

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Item Type: Dental Set
Function: Teeth Whitening
Dental Tray Material: Silica Gel
Power Type: Battery (2 * CR2032 Button batteries)
Package includes:
10 * Whitening Gel(3ml per)
1 * Tooth Whitening System (Batteries Included)
2 * Dental Tray
1 * Teeth Shade Guide
7 * Tube Head
Teeth whitening strip designed to fit the engineering shape of the upper and lower tooth rows.
Effective whitening teeth, increase confidence, more beautiful.
This professional strength whitening brush-up wipe allows for a thin application of whitening gel.
The active oxygen bubbles instantly begin to remove stains.
With a tooth whitening contrast card in side, easy to witness tooth whitening process at home.
Usage method:

1. unscrew the back cover and install two electronic batteries.

2. press on the key to test whether the blue light is emitted.

3. installation of dental care, denture to the lower two parts.

4. evenly smear the whitening agent on the inside of the denture.

5. put the teeth into your mouth and put them on the teeth.

6. turn on the Blu ray transmitter and attach it to the denture base and wrap it with your lips.

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