Portable Women Camping Urine Device Funnel Urinal Female Travel Outdoor Urination Toilet Device Stand Up & Pee

Save 78%
Womans Female Urine Funnel Ladies She Urinal Pee Wee Festival Camping Travelling

Allows women to go anytime...Anywhere!

Completely hygienic and easy to use.

Discreet, spillproof and reusable

Regain it's shape if squashed or folded

Designed not to flow back, splash or spill

Hydrophobic Material allows the product to be flicked dry

Contains Anti-Bacterial properties which allows the funnel to be used repeated without degrading

MUST have accessory for camping, travelling, festivals, mountaineering, outdoor events, etc.

Material: Soft, Flexible Silicone

Making it very easy to use, store and carry

NOTE: The product may need to be put in WARM WATER to regain its shape back when received.

Sent without original packaging, OPP packaging

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