Prop Money Fake Money Dollar $50 Total $1000 or $100 Total $2000 Full Print Stack for Movie, TV, Video, Novelty and Photography


Textures, colors and designs are highly detailed, printed with the highest resolution, and have the highest quality proven to be the best in the market and the most realistic on camera.

Specially designed for HD films, TV, video productions, music videos, photography, training proposes and novelty.

Prop money does not have working holograms and does not feel like real USA currency due to laws.

Printed with the highest quality ink that will not run when wet on high quality commercial paper, and cut with precision machine cutters.

Packing: 20pcs $50/$100 Prop Money

Prop Money Fake MoneyProp Money Fake MoneyProp Money Fake MoneyProp Money Fake Money

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