Green Laser High Power Adjustable Focus Pointer Pen with Safe Keys +1* Li-ion Battery Charger+2* Rechargeable 18650 Battery (Color: Black)

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Package includes:
1*Green Laser Pointer
2*Rechargeable 18650 Battery 

Quick Overview:
1.Made of aviation grade metal.
2.Safe lock design at the bottom.
4.Unload the extended par to use 16340 battery.
5.By rotating the focus ring to adjust beam light. Find the smallest spot of the beam light can light a matchstick.

1.Material: Aviation grade metal
2.Dimensions: 5 x 1 inches
3.Weight: 4oz
4.Power supply: 1 x 16340 battery / 1x 18650 battery
5.Laser range: 1.2-5 miles/2km-8k
6.Output wave: Continuous wave
7.Working voltage: DC=3.0-3.7V
8.Start-up time: < 3 second

Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion 4.2V 4200mAh Battery

Charging Battery Type: 18650/16340/14500/10440/26650
Input Voltage: AC 110-220V 47-63HZ
Output Voltage: DC3.7V
Output Current:450 mA
No memory effect, recharge up to 10000 cycles

How to Use:
1.To lock off the laser pointer, key hole should align with the dot.
2.Unable to light a matchstick because the beam is parallel light.
3.Adjust the focus to enlarge the spot size.
4.Find the Focus Point(the smallest spot size on the beam ), most powerful and capable of lighting a match.
5.Keep out of the reach of children.
6.Do not point directly at human or animals’ eyes.

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