Water Drinking Bottle Misting Spray Healthy Sports Cup Hot 740ml

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Brand new

Extra spray function, can be used in the process of sports to cooling or filling water for your body.

Capacity with 700-740ml, provide adequate water for you after doing exercises excessively and frantically.

Can protect the water from the dust and dirt.

Portable and suitable for outdoor sports.

Scale on the body, convenient for you to monitor if you have drink enough water every day.

Refreshing color, give you a cool feeling at first.


Size: 28.5cm length x 5 cm diamter

3 Color for choosing:blue, green and red

Package: 1x water bottle

Note :
1. Careful with the hot water.
2. Can not be boiled in the water.
3. Do not use the product near the fire.
4. Do not use in a microwave oven.
5. Do not load carbonated drinks.
6. Keep away from the children.

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