Slim Patch Pads Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Slimming Diets 15Pcs/bag

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Feel free to contact us if you have any problems,enjoy the shopping time. Tip: 30 pcs of a course of treatment, 30 pcs can see the effect! * Usage Directions 1. Directly affixed to the navel, if the stomach is fat, navel sag, you can directly peel off the drug and magnet together to the navel, it is more conducive to absorption. 2. Allergic to the tape, before use can be coated around the navel thin layer of moisturizing products, and then paste the drug to basically solve allergies. 3. Disabled during menstruation. It is recommended to stick at night, generally about 8 hours, can effectively prevent and inhibit the synthesis of fat, accelerate the decomposition and elimination of fat. Accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body, improve constipation and make it easy to lose weight during sleep. How Slim Patch works: * Most drugs are taken orally and dosage intervals may be inconvenient. Some drugs are partly destroyed or neutralized in the stomach, intestine or liver before reaching the bloodstream. Accordingly, a higher dose is needed to ensure efficacy, which in turn may increase the risk of side effects. * Doctors around the world are calling slim patche the delivery system of the future; because It has been discovered that a high absorption rate of many supplements can be achieved when delivered through the skin. The reason for this is when supplements are delivered , they are absorbed directly into the blood stream, initially bypassing the liver, stomach and intestine. The result can mean as much as 95% of the supplement getting to the cells where they are needed. * Conversely, studies have shown when some substances are taken orally, as little as 5% makes it to the cells where they are needed. This is because of the stomach, liver and digestive system excreting and discarding much of the substances taken orally. Note: If Abnormal skin or skin irritation, Imeediately stop using it,Please keep in place less than 40 degrees Celsius.Pregnant women,the elderly,young children should not use.Anti-thyroid patients into or lower do not use. Pacakge include: * 10 x Slim patches Categories Womens Fashion Health Beauty slim Slim Patch Lose Weight Body Fat Monitors slim patches Slimming stick slimming aid Weight Loss We guarantee a safe and secure shopping experience so you never have to worry. 10pcs

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