Smoke Fantasy Magician Trick Accessories Close-Up Magic Gimmick Prop Finger 20pcs

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How to use ?
***Instructions video on YouTube:
1.Tear off a small piece off.
2. Use lighter to burn the piece completely.
3. then blows away the ashes, after burning leaves YELLOW OIL.
4. Use two fingers to rub oil, can be emitted thick smoke.( One paper about use 15 times ). 
Better : burn it on a cold plate like iron plate or dish plate took out of fridge.
100% brand new and high quality
A barrel of smoke in every tube! Looks just like smoke!!! Safe to use !!! 
The magician put the thumb and forefinger gently rub together, smoke will be rising from between two fingers.
Package included: 10pcs/20pcs x Smoke paper

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