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Product description:
Make stuffed burgers like a pro with Stufz the stuffed burger maker. Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker as seen on TV. Make delicious, mouth watering burgers stuffed with you favorite filling, cheese, mushrooms, garlic, onions whatever you want.
It's easy as 1 shape it, 2 stuff it, 3 seal it. Stufz creates a deep cup to hold your filling, and seals the sides for a perfect leak proof burger and locking flavor in. Stufz easily pops out the burger when ready. Dish washer safe. Includes Stufz and recipe guide.
High quality food grade durable material
Customize your burger to fit your appetite
Huge pocket for all types of toppings
Easy to use
Comes apart for easy cleanup
Dishwasher safe
This burger press is easy to use and you make different burger as you like. Such as, cheese, mushrooms, garlic, onions burger.
This burger press is simple and useful in your Kitchen.
To use it, just put your ground meat into the base, press down, and bam, you've got a "meat cup." Add the fillings of your choice, and then add the top layer. Below are the pictures showing you the detail.

Package included:
1 pcs Hamburger press as the picture show.(we do not offer original box )

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