Scented Fun Cartoon Cake Toys Squishy Cute Slow Rising Toy Gift Children Adult Stress Relief Mobile Phone Pendant Ornaments

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Material: PU
Color: A: Single corner sweet doughnut   B: Ice Cream
Size: A:12.5*9.5*3cm    B:9.5cm
Styles: Toys / Collectibles / Handset Belts
Wet: after kneading, it will recover slowly.
When you are stressed, you can effectively knead and relieve your stress.
When you look at it, they are lovely, you will feel better, and even all your bad emotions will disappear.
Sponge charm is truly comfortable touch, lifelike appearance, sweetness and super KAWAI.
Very interesting. It sounds disgusting! Like your child! It helps children to concentrate on school.
Lovely mobile phones, bags, keys, gifts, collectibles and so on. This is also a release of the mood of the release of toys.
Our slow springback is PU material, which won't tear the opening easily, but please don't pull hard.
Slow rebound effect in about 15 to 20 seconds
A little fragrance will not pungent all materials and spray paint are environmentally friendly

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